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Example 2 - Arrows in the Ac-Re Box

Normal inspection is in use, the batch size is 20, AQL is 1.5, single inspection and the inspection level is I. What is the sampling plan?


  1. Set the batch size (16 to 25) in the upper window

  2. Look next to the Inspection Level I to find the Code Letter of B.

  3. Next set the AQL window to 1.5,

  4. Looking under Code Letter B in Normal inspection we find an arrow. Following this arrow to C we find another arrow and continue to D.

  5. Under code letter plan D in Normal Inspection we find a sample size of 8, an acceptance number of 0 and a rejection number of 1.

  6. If the defect count is 0 accept the batch.

  7. If the defect count is 1 or more reject the batch.